Heirs of Guijuelo Tradition

You can't talk about Guijuelo without talking about Iberian ham, not only due to it's unique climate, but also for the love of a legendary tradition.

Tradición 1

Guijuelo is the land of the Iberian tradition, located at the foot of the “Sierra de Gredos”, at more than 1000m above sea level, surrounded by cold winds, ancient oak and cork trees.

Tradición 2

In the unique nature of its forests are the staple food of our selected Iberian pig: Acorns. The beginning of everything. Without forgetting its genuine climate with short, hot summers and long, cold winters, the acorn is one of the secrets that allows us to cure hams in a special and unique way.

Tradición 3

The love for our land, its produts and techniques inherited from our ancestors, together with the latest control and safety systems, are the elements that enable us to transmit a taste of home in each of our Iberian products.