Keeping tradition alive

Iberian products are part of our culinary heritage. They are on our tables, in our recipes, conversations and are certainly one of the healthy customs that we should never lose.

Tradición 4

An Iberian acorn ham sandwich and a platter of Iberian cold meats at a table where we can share the products of our grandparents. They are a gastronomical experience and the image of a magical moment, a moment to sit and share conversations and mouthwatering flavours.

Tradición 2

These are the things that are ours, habits that have been passed down through generations, because they are part of our culinary heritage.

Ham, cold meats, sausages and all of the products derived from the Iberian pig form part of the heritage from our parents, and what we will pass on to our children. Iberian tradition always and forever.

Tradición 3

At Estrella Castilla, we continue to develop our products so that these moments can be enjoyed forever. We do this all in the name of tradition, and to keep it alive.

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