All of our facilities are equipped with the most innovative machinery on the market. Each stage of the process is taken care of in a strict and meticulous manner, in order to ensure maximum quality until products reach you. Only then can we provide your palate with an authentic Iberian flavour.

Our production facilities are divided into 3 specialised centres of production.


Surface Area: 29,066.26 m2

Equipped with an abattoir, cutting room, filleting and packaging room, cold store and fat rendering plant.


Surface Area: 7,552.33 m2

Estrella 1 premises is the production factory where cured and dried Iberian sausage meats are processed.


Surface Area: 24,274.88 m2

1000m above ground level, Estrella 2 premises is the production factory where Iberian hams and other products are dried, gutted and sliced.

Nosotros 1
Front of building, South facility
Nosotros 2
Slicing process, Iberian cured product at Estrella 2 premises
Nosotros 3
Iberian ham in the cellars at Estrella 2 premises
Nosotros 4
Main façade, Mafisa
Nosotros 5
Iberian pig slaughter line in Mafisa
Nosotros 6
Front of building, Estrella 1
Nosotros 7
Thick-cased Iberian sausage at the natural, artisanal drying stage