Calderón & Ramos since 1982

Calderon & Ramos is more than a business group. As a result of our passion for the origin and development of our products, we have been working since 1982 to keep our local tradition alive.

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We continue to carry out all stages of the production process, from the selection of the raw material and cutting, to obtaining the highest quality Iberian cured, fresh, fat and meat meal products.

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It is only through this experience and knowledge of the whole process, that we can guarantee that each product complies with our quality control protocol and above all, our high standards.

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The hard-work, effort and familiar nature of the group has always relied on a highly qualified and dedicated staff team. Our entrepreneurial spirit has motivated us to reinvest funds and to grow in a consistent and sustainable manner. We do all of this in order to make Guijelo a household name.